GEORGIAN WOMEN IN TECH For next cohort check out: The 6-month online program will equip female entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to grow beyond local markets and succeed on a global scale. Scale Readiness Program from Silicon Valley
for Women-led Startups powered by Prospera Women
Why Participate?

Georgian Women in Tech (GWIT) is a Rapid Growth Program from Silicon Valley for Women-owned and Women-led startups.

Over a 6-month period female entrepreneurs will engage in a unique experience that will catapult their business forward, with the support of powerful leaders, industry experts and investors from the world’s most innovative tech ecosystem: Silicon Valley.

Program is run by US Market Access Center, Inc. (USMAC) – Silicon Valley-based accelerator.

Supported by USAID Economic Security Program in Georgia, implemented by DAI.


Engage with dozens of Silicon Valley's most influential women executives, advisers and industry ‘Sherpas’ including: serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, angel investors and plenty of other prominent players at numerous activities included in the program.


Join a powerful community and receive ongoing support and peer engagement with fellow alumni, which provides entrepreneurs unique opportunities to connect and share experiences.


The 8-days Boot Camp features high-profile instructors from Silicon Valley that will give you the essentials on: Doing Business in Silicon Valley; Selling and Marketing to Global Customers: How to Pitch to Investors, Partners and Customers: and much more.


Pitch directly to investors at 4 Investor Pitch Events with VCs and Corporates from Silicon Valley and have 1-on-1 Meetings with Corporates, VCs & potential Customers.
Featured Contributors

Alexandra Jean-Baptiste

[Director, Abu Dhabi at "Startup Grind"; Impact Enterpreneur - ex "Unicef", "UNDP", "United Nations"]

Amy Peck

[Co-Chair GWIT and Prospera Women; Author; VR/AR Futurist]

Anna Vissers

[Senior Director Corporate Development M&A Integration at Oracle]

Gail Gannon

[Co-Chair - GWIT and Prospera Women; Managing Director - WaveEdge Capital]

Lauren Palmer

[Director of UX Research at Google]

Olga V Mack

[CEO at Parley Pro; LegalTech; Blockchain Strategist; Founder of "Women Serve On Boards"; Author; TEDx Speaker]

Rachel Payne

[Managing Director at "FullCycle Fund"; Google Executive; Tech Enterpreneur; Candidate U.S. Congress]

Torri Shack

[Founder of mental health NGO "Tangible Movement", Director Of Business Development at "Envoy"]

We are welcoming support from relevant corporations, governments, venture funds, universities and others that are interested in supporting female entrepreneurs. Why support?

Help Female Entrepreneurs Succeed! Provide real growth, real funding, real opportunities.

→  Boost your corporate image by associating your brand with TOP Silicon Valley leaders.

 Do your part in corporate responsibility by endorsing a culture of equality in your company, which will improve talent acquisition and retention.

  Help to close the gender gap and increase gender equality & diversity.

→  Contribute towards capacity and capability-building, strengthening women’s economic empowerment.

→  Take a leadership role in supporting undercapitalized startup talent and improve the quality of ecosystems.

 Increase access to funding for women, as 52.4% of international female entrepreneurs had experienced a decrease in available capital during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Program Overview

Participants Selection Pitch Event

Identification of the most promising women entrepreneurs. The selection process will include local Pitching Workshop and Events with final Investors Pitch Event.

Inspiring High-Value Events

6 Keynotes, Talks, and Fireside Chats with Female Leaders about The Changing Role of the Female CEO; Mental Health; and Designing the Path for Women Leaders.

Go Global Bootcamp

Intensive 8-day boot camp features instructors and experts from Silicon Valley's most accomplished executives and serial entrepreneurs, that will give you the essentials on: Doing Business in Silicon Valley; Selling and Marketing to Global Customers: How to Pitch to Investors, Partners and Customers: and much more.

Pitch Events & One-on-one Meetings

4 Investor Pitch Events with VCs and Corporates – – – One-on-one meetings with potential customers, partners and investors from Silicon Valley

Hands-on Support from Industry “Sherpas” for 6 months

With industry expert from Silicon Valley you will refine value proposition & business model; Attract and validate offerings with early global customers; Get access to the right markets; Develop a proven and scalable customer acquisition model; Secure high-growth customers outside of Georgia; and Get access to the right strategic investors.

Community / Peer Engagement

Ongoing support and brainstorming with fellow alumni gives entrepreneurs unique opportunity to connect and exchange experiences.
Last Year
Performance from selected last year’s participants:

Canadian startup:

  • raised first round of funding $800,000
  • increased number of employees from 2 people to 12 people
  • began clinical trials 8 months ahead of schedule
  • recruited 2 board members from Silicon Valley

Czech startup:

  • increased revenue by 56%
  • increased number of employees by 32.5%
  • recruited 1 advisory board member from Silicon Valley

Japanese startup:

  • raised an additional $3.5 Million
  • increased number of employees by 60%
About Us

US Market Access Center (USMAC)

USMAC is Silicon Valley’s largest and longest-standing startup accelerator focused on helping foreign startups with global market expansion. During the last 10 years they have helped more than 1,500 startups from 37 countries to successfully conduct business globally.

USAID Economic Security Program

USAID Economic Security Program supports the advancement of women in technology, which remains low in Georgia and further exacerbates gender pay gaps, reinforces gender stereotypes, and perpetuates unequal gender-power relations.

Startup Grind

The largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in 125+ countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Startups.