Last Year Event - GWIT 2019

The 10 International Women-led Startups from Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Spain and Japan participated in USMAC’s three-day pilot program and engaged with more 300 of Silicon Valley’s most successful and most connected women in Tech.


VCs & Angel Investors

The startups received training, mentoring and pitched
to 10 prominent VCs and angel investors during the program.

Danielle D Agostaro

[Alchemist Accelerator]

Elana Lian

[Intel Capital]

Fay Arjomandi

[Vodafone Xone]

Jasmine Kriston

[Lightspeed Venture Partners]

Jay Onda

[Orange Silicon Valley]

Juanita Lott

[Portfolia Investment Fund]

Kelly Adelekan

[First Republic Bank]

Liz Heller

[Capitol Records]

Sharon Amezcua

[MCC Global Fund Management]
30+ Guest

Among the 30+ guest speakers included women executives from:
Symantec, SAP, Cloudflare, Ventura Blvd., Mach49, Emergence Capital, US Government, Stanford University and Google.

Diane Dwyer

[Stanford D School]

Dr. Anita Sands


Dr. Vanila Singh

[US Dept. of Health]

Judith Williams


Kara Egan

[Emergence Capital]

Linda Grasso

[Ventura Blvd.]

Linda Yates


Meredith Hoffer


Michelle Zatlyn

Ashleigh Kennedy

Ashleigh Kennedy

Neurovine (Canada)
What an amazing opportunity it was to spend time with these amazing female leaders in innovation and technology. Thank you for the wonderful boot camp. Neurovine will be back!
Bieke Van Gorp

Bieke Van Gorp

Fibricheck (Belgium)
I truly loved the event … so well organized, and I thought the pitching sessions and the networking events were amazing! Especially connecting with Silicon Valley’s most powerful women VCs and corporate executives. Thank you so much for everything! I want to come back soon.
Zuzana Maderová

Zuzana Maderová

SVP Enehano (Czechia)
This program was truly life-changing! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to connect with so many powerful women in Silicon Valley. Everyone was so easy to approach and I am happy to say that I've made several meaningful connections with potential clients and investors.